Designing and producing of high quality moulds is a difficult and precise task. But to give to our partners a basic advantages we design and bild this moulds very solid, well protected and with a long life. Every system into this tools has an uniq requerements, which we optimize to the highest lewel. So at the end you may produce parts and details with:
1. Strong and solid structure;
2. Low deformation and precize dimencions;
3. Exellent surface
4. Minimum needs of lubrication;
5. Short and rare maintenance interval;

Important part of our work is to be with our partners in every moment. So we will be here if there is a need:

  1. to make maintenance;
  2. to repare the mould if somthing is broken;
  3. to make small an possible reconstruction if you decide to do;
  4. to solve problems;

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